Design and Build Team

AES Team Facade Designer are well capable of providing materials/facade calculations and concept facade designs for multi storied buildings. They are well exposed to Factories, Schools, Office Buildings, Condominiums and Private Estates. Facade designer/estimators will prepare calculation cost on all materials with fabrication and installation costs required on the projects, as a guideline from the facade designer’s concept to take off materials.
Our Design Team, composed of experienced technical Autocad draftsmen who provides all technical drawings, from concept design drawings, shop drawings, fabrication drawings to sequence detailed and cutting lists.

Assemble Team

AES curtain wall systems are fabricated for quick and easy installation on site. Our factory projects are processed in a controlled environment using machineries to maximizing performance and minimizing field labor . We have a team of skilled workers who can measure, cut, and assemble glass while securing safety on every project. AES ensures all projects are carefully packed and ready-to-install before sending it to the job site. We have our team of professional glaziers that can also install glass at different project sites.
To further improve our workers’ skills, our crew are systematically upgraded through a comprehensively structured training programmes and trainings organised in conjunction with the Construction Industry Development Board of Singapore.

Facade Installation Team

AES carries out various glazing works for all types of facade and architectural glass which include glass doors, glass railings, skylights and shop fronts. Our Glaziers are qualified to install glass at buildings. we are also a BizSafe Star accredited company with OHSAS 18001:2007 and have established systems to install glasses at all risk levels. Our Team of Professional Glaziers can measure, cut, assemble, fit, and install glass while securing safety on every project.

Cleaning Services Team

AES offer premier choice for the provision of cleaning services to the private sector, comprising commercial, residential and industrial projects. We offer professional window cleaning services at affordable rates.

Our services includes a first clean to get rid of heavy grime, grease and other dust from your windows. Depending on the requirements, cleaning of external facade can be done via mobile access (scaffolding), power access (mobile elevated work platforms), suspended access (gondola), Scissors Lift and Boom Lift.

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